The Lodge Restaurant Menu

The menu at The Lodge restaurant in Paphos is a tribute to the “Rainbow Cuisine of Southern Africa. Developed over centuries of political and social transformation, culturally it is one of the most diverse cuisines, fusing indigenous styles and ingredients with waves of complex colonialist methods. This is a tribute to our home, we hope you enjoy.



Some southern african terms you may not have heard before…

Boerewors, or Wors – meaning Farmer Sausage. Beef, Pork & Lamb, with Coriander Seeds, Cloves and other Herbs and Spices

Biltong – Air Dried Beef, cured in Vinegar and Spices

Sosaties – Skewers of Chicken, Pork or Beef

Pap & Chakalaka – Firm Maize Meal, similar to Polenta. Served with a Curry Tomato Relish

Bunny Chow – A Rich Stew served inside a Half Loaf of Bread or a Bun


All prices include VAT. Service Charges are NOT included